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N1MM_TOOLBOX          Version 16. March 2024

Hint: use right mouseclick in the menubar - you can switch the windows without using F-Keys!

The userinterface is totally renewed and more flexible. 

The documentation is updated to toolbox.pdf.

Now n1mm_toolbox can act as gateway between N1MM/DXlog and Log4OM. 

Downloadlink: https://app.box.com/s/yacto84sf1zk78h145l0gdrhc89mvhxd

Thanks Vasily that a hint for my tollbox will be included in the qsorder tool - it is a great and fantastic work you did.

ATTENTION: The toolbox do not work on Windows10 32bit (only 64bit is working - thanks for info Fred).

It is not tested with Windows 11. Do not move n1mm_toobox.exe to the desktop - use a link to the toolbox instead.

The toolbox is now working partly with DXlog2.5x - IThere is no Score transmission from DXlog and the statistic feature in n1mm_toolbox do nothing :)

Small Youtube Video how it looks like:


A new video with sound and 10min. long - new Version included:



HOSTILOG - NEW Upload 08.04.204

HOSTILOG - Version 19. December 2021 short video on youtube: https://youtu.be/fJpmIncrxXg

Downloadlink https://app.box.com/s/wtdkrmy7bwjbc57q14pwdw7vcxg3o2hl

08.04.2024: Update of the userinterface. 

Now you can use "Return" on the inputline instead of "Space". It may improve the speed or reduce some kind of "wrong" handling.

If the ADIF file is bigger than 50000 QSOs hostilog have a kind of "outtime" which could be 1 minute long before you could enter again something. Now I check the size of the ADIF File and reduce the output to a minimum. now there may be only around 10-20 seconds, where hostilog use up to 25% of CPU without doing anything. :)

Check pressing F12. ... Documentation is not updated.

17.12.2021 some bugs were found, as the sourcecode was adapted to a Linux Version, which need some adaptations - the linux version is not released today - but hostilog.exe runs fine with WINE under Linux.

30.11.2021 reported bugs from DK4VW are eliminated - use of "รค" now clear the inputfield.

22.11.2021 some small bugs are not longer existing, all new feature can be found in the hostilog update.pdf file. 

03. November 2021: Comment field was not saved in ADI - now bug solved



I use Blender 3D for creating some nice pictures for my QSL card - see next 2 pictures:





























Picture from my FB53 in Brandenburg, Havelland. 




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