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N1MM_TOOLBOX          Version 22. November 2021   new  upload

22.11.2021 some small bugs are not longer existing, all new feature can be found in the hostilog update.pdf file. 

13.08.2021  a small bug in the statistic window was reported from Kortas SV1DPI

07.08.2021: added a quickstart.pdf - new cntl-leftmouseclick in the multiplier window will set the qrg in N1MM or DXlog of the multiplier.

Thanks Vasily that a hint for my tollbox will be included in the qsorder tool - it is a great and fantastic work you did.

ATTENTION: The toolbox do not work on Windows10 32bit (only 64bit is working - thanks for info Fred). If someone need a 32bit Version - 32bit Version is included but lack on DXkeeper Gatewayfunction and the new lookup feature. The 64bit Version is fullflavored.

NEW: If you enter a call in the Entrywindow of N1MM+/DXlog and use "Space" or "TAB" to jump to the next entry field a Lookup UDP will send and the Toolbox check the callsign to the buddy list. If it is a buddy - a line like "Lookup DF1LX 1392" in RED in the buddy window.

The toolbox is now working with DXlog2.5x - IThere is no Score transmission from DXlog and the statistic feature in n1mm_toolbox do nothing :)

 - Small changes (documentation not updated) - based on feature request from SV1DPI the statistic window changes - to see last qso too mark the "show qso" box.

Small Youtube Video how it looks like:


A new video with sound and 10min. long - new Version included:




03. November 2021: Comment field was not saved in ADI - now bug solved

UPDATE 14. Oct. 2021 - new Version with improved GUI and removed some "bugs" + new shortcuts - documention is not updated (main behaviour is the same)



I use Blender 3D for creating some nice pictures for my QSL card - see next 2 pictures:





























Picture from my FB53 in Brandenburg, Havelland. 




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