Hostilog from DF1LX

I tried a lot of Software for logging my QSOs. I found - that 99% of this SW was very uncomfortable for enter QSOs based on handwritten logbook and QSL-cards. Only FLE from DF3CB was a really quick logger - but it must be much easier to enter old QSO into a kind of database.

I decided to start an own project to write a SW in Python and PyQT4 - as this language fit for my purpose (Freepascal was great but really not so nice for programming as I found)

Basic software skills were existing based on Forth, Fortran, Pascal, Basic and Assembler.

And after some time the SW Hostilog was ready to go. 2 beta tester of my OV did a great job.

The program is quick - I can enter around 400 Q´s per hour (from handwritten logbook and QSL cards) which is a really good score or?

Today a small Cluster and UDP to DXlabsuite is included.

If you like to try the SW:


Selfextracting File Download: -


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